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About The Clothing Dispensary

 Why we love what we do

Beating Cancer in 2013

Sir Cannabis Apparel was founded by our Owner/Founder Chris Voag December of 2016


His vision is to have a Cannabis Clothing Brand that not only provides quality clothing, but provides a platform for other Cannabis Warriors such as himself to tell the world of how Cannabis gave them a better quality of life when all else failed.

In this photo Chris 19 year old was in his last rounds of Chemotherapy for Stage 1B Testicular Cancer, Cannabis was able to provide him with the energy he needed and allowed him to remain nausea free during the entire process!

Chris Now 28, has been Cancer Free ever since and is hell bent on removing the negative stigma around cannabis one cannabis warrior at a time! We even have a clothing collaboration with our friend & comedy legend George Lopez!

To be featured simply email Chris directly or DM us Via Instagram @TheClothingDispensary

See our Cannabis Warrior Sign up page!

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